The Story so Far

I spent several years working in coffee and cocoa traceability before moving back from Ghana to my garden shed and setting up Chimney Fire Coffee in 2016. A year later, with a touch of cabin fever and moving full time on the business, it was time to move the roastery to a converted stables with a 15kg small-batch roaster in the Surrey Hills. After many chance encounters (including a shared TV debut on BBC’s Top of the Shop), Elizabeth joined the company, bringing in her roasting expertise to help consistently produce exceptional speciality coffee.

A couple of Great Taste awards, hosting regular coffee experiences through Airbnb and an early loyal customer base from online subscribers, local farmers markets and wholesale partners (No.97, Wags N Tales, Miss Polly Cafe, Canopy Coffee, Rosie Q’s and Crossroads to name but a few) enabled us to grow and increase our range of coffees to suit different tastes.

Last year we teamed up with Alistair and Dean from the Big Rock Coffee Company to source and roast ShareTrade coffee. Starting in Colombia, this innovative sourcing model enables farmers to manage their farm as a proper business with access to investment and professional advice to ensure that the farm is capable of becoming economically and environmentally sustainable, and not just a subsistence operation.

We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new concept designed to make ethically sourced specialty coffee more accessible in the workplace. Nikki joined to support this project and the Office Coffee Club was born, enabling members to split the cost of, vote for and enjoy their favourite Chimney Fire Coffee everyday at work.

We are all extremely passionate about coffee, enterprise and positive impact, and aim to create a fully sustainable coffee journey through our sourcing companions, biodegradable packaging and sharing our experiences to ensure you get the most from every cup.

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Our Connection to Coffee



After completing a masters in Sustainable Development, Dan spent several years working in ethical and traceable coffee and cocoa sourcing from his base in Ghana. There he gained experience in various farming practices, quality processes, and handling of certified coffee and began to work with producers to identify high grade speciality coffee with unique flavour profiles. During this period Dan also continued home-roasting and completed SCAE sensory courses. In late 2016, he launched Chimney Fire Coffee.


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Elizabeth FURTH, Head Roaster 

Elizabeth's coffee journey started in 2011 when her brother (Fuerthkaffee, Vienna) set up a speciality coffee roasting business in Vienna, Austria. Although a non coffee drinker at the time,  Elizabeth started exploring coffees roasted by some of the best and most amazing third wave coffee roasters the UK had to offer (which is how she met Dan)! Inspired by their passion, she set up CoffeeMumboJumbo to celebrate speciality coffee, whilst attending SCAE sensory analysis and roasting courses at the London School of Coffee. At the beginning of 2018 Elizabeth joined Chimney Fire Coffee as head roaster.


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