Club Together for Better Office Coffee

The Office Coffee Club aims to make bad office coffee a thing of the past. We’re changing things up by offering better coffee at affordable prices and our club members will have access to coffee on demand, when they need it most throughout the working day.

It takes just one member of the office to initiate the change. A coffee club founder can be anyone, from Lisa in I.T. to Tom in Marketing: they set up the group, invite members and decide how much to contribute, from as little as £1 per month. Once the club is set up, group ordering features kicks in to allow cost-splitting between club members and granting access to wholesale prices, meaning companies can also use our platform as an employee benefit. The more members in the group, the higher the total contribution and the better the price per bag of coffee.

We want individuals to enjoy the group experience of deciding what coffee they’d like, the social aspect of making it and the joy of a great coffee fix. Alongside great ethically-sourced coffee, the club features elements such as such as group voting on coffees and access to experiences where we can come to the office or members can try the coffees at our roastery in Surrey.

The Office Coffee Club encourages anyone with an appreciation for coffee to club together and enjoy better coffee throughout the working day. Head to our sister site for more info.