Coffee Mumbo Jumbo Joins The Labin Coffee Tour

In December 2016, Chimney Fire Coffee became a trial host as part of the Airbnb Experiences launch. Over the past 6 weeks guests have visited our Labin to learn about coffee production, roast their own beans and 'cup' different coffees.

We were fortunate enough to have Elizabeth Furth from Coffee Mumbo Jumbo join one of our tours last week. Elizabeth is a passionate coffee explorer, drinker and enthusiast who has setup an innovative way of documenting her experiences with coffee through live audio recordings.

Elizabeth certainly added to the experience for our other guests on the tour through imparting her own experiences in coffee, as well as bringing some home-made coffee marmalade and some products from her healthy fermented tea drinks company; Thirsty House Kombucha

Chimney Fire Coffee believes in authentic experiences and Elizabeth has verbalised her experience of the Labin Coffee Tour via the 'off-the-cuff' interview below.

Great to have you Elizabeth - you are welcome anytime!