When we began roasting our coffees, we wanted to use a space that was functional, sustainably constructed and creative. Essentially an icon for what Chimney Fire Coffee represents. At the beginning of 2016, we started speaking with carpenter and neighbour Bruce Mactaggart to see how this might be achieved. After three months of hard work, the 'Labin' (laboratory - cabin) was standing in our back garden, with a 2kg batch roaster installed.

Chimney Fire Coffee host 'the complete coffee experience' in the Labin as part of a new Airbnb initiative. We invite guests to learn about coffee production, roast their own beans and 'cup' different coffees. 

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In addition to the Labin we now have a larger space with a 15kg roaster in the Surrey Hills, which enables us to fulfil both small and large orders.

We regularly hold open days where coffee enthusiasts, baristas and retailers can come and sample our seasonal range of coffees.

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We offer corporate coffee experiences, ranging from cupping (coffee tasting) to espresso martini making workshops. We either come to your place of work or arrange off-site experiences in restaurants, bars or cafes.

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“Dan, an expert in coffee sustainability, brings people together in his coffee speciality experience. Guests will roast the perfect batch while learning about farming practices and quality processes.” (Airbnb, 2017)