Meticulously prepared, recklessly crafted



Our first hand experience of ethical sourcing and coffee quality analysis means that we guarantee sustainable and quality coffee for our customers. We do this through our direct partnerships with coffee producers in Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 


Our coffee is roasted, ground and packaged in a hand-built roastery at home in Kingston-upon-Thames. Each two kilo batch is labelled according to its origin and peak roasting temperature, giving transparency on quality, provenance and flavour profiles.


We believe that coffee is an experience, not just a commodity and that coffee drinkers want to understand the characteristics of their coffee and access sustainable, high grade coffee on demand. We offer coffee experiences in our laboratory-cabin, 'The Labin.' 



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Coffee agronomist Robert Thuo walks through the Kenya coffee supply chain in Nyeri. Book the Labin Coffee Tour to learn more about coffee production, roast your own beans and 'cup' different coffees.


A major aim of Chimney Fire Coffee is to close the gap between coffee growers and coffee drinkers. To achieve this, we aim to work with retailers local to Kingston upon Thames. Please contact us for further information on wholesale prices.